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            To request a reschedule, withdraw or cancel your hearing

            Option 1      To expedite your reschedule online by accessing www.wcad.org/hearing-scheduler/ and by
                                 using your Online Protest ID from the 2019 Notice of Appraised Value

            Option 2     You can contact us through email to withdrawal/cancel:      protestwithdrawal@wcad.org

            Option 3     You may also present your request for reschedule or withdraw by mail or in person at the WCAD office.

            Option 4      POSSIBLE SETTLEMENT OF PROTEST 

                                 Upon review of your protest we MAY have attached comparable sales and value reports.  Please review each report for the following values:

                                                -  Comparable Sales Report - Indicated Value
                                               -  Uniform and Equal Comparables Report -  Median Adjusted Value
                                               -  Notice of Appraised Value - Total Market Value
                                 If you are in agreement with of these values please email which offer that you accept and the corresponding value amount to protestsettlement@wcad.org.  You must email your
                               acceptance at least 24 hours prior to your hearing date.  Your acceptance email will finalize your protest and the hearing date will be cancelled.
            If you have further questions, please visit our website:      www.wcad.org/property-owners/protest-procedures.

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