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            Why is IMPROVEMENT shown on my notice when I haven’t made any?
            Improvement on your notice means any structure that is attached to the land. A house is an improvement to the land.

            The improvement segment(s) listed on my property are incorrect. Can they be corrected or removed?
            Improvement discrepancy claims must be addressed with our office before the protest deadline specified on the Notice of Appraised Value for the property in question. If either the protest deadline passes or a final value waiver has been signed for the property in question, the property owner has no recourse to contest improvement data for the appraisal year. Otherwise, during August – January, the property owner may request an appraiser field inspection to verify improvement for the following appraisal year.

            What if I own a mobile home but not the land?
            We need a request for separate taxation filed with our office. This will allow the Appraisal District to set the mobile home up on an improvement only account that does not have a land value.

            My house was not completed as of January 1st. How do you appraise it?
            The improvement is added to the tax roll at the percent of completion as of January 1st.

            How do you arrive at a value on a house?
            The house is measured, classified, and depreciated due to its condition and age. It is valued based on the sales of similar properties.

            Is my house ever depreciated?
            Yes, but the increase in the fair market value may override the depreciation due to age.

            My house is 30 years old. Is that taken into consideration?
            Yes. Age, size, condition and quality of construction are all taken into consideration.

            Has anyone actually come out and looked at my property?
            Yes, someone has reviewed your property, but it may not have been this year.
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