Solar Exemption

Solar Exemption

 Solar Exemption Tax Code Section 11.27
  1. Owners who have a solar panel on their residential property may qualify for a solar exemption.
  2. The panels should be on the property as of January 1st to qualify for that tax year.
  3. Owners can submit a 1-time application with a copy of the cost & installation receipts.
    1. The exemption amount will be based on that amount.
  4. Once approved there is no need to re-apply.
  5. The application must be submitted between January 1 - April 30.
    1. There is NO late filing provision. Application must be submitted by the deadline.
  6. Solar panels are not taxed. If the exemption is approved, the solar panel value is added to the property and then made exempt.
  7. The application is available here: 
Filing Requirements:
  • January 1st Owner – Must file completed application between Jan 1st and no later than April 30th of that tax year
  • Must own property January 1st of the year the exemption is being sought
  • Must have installed or constructed solar or wind-powered energy device primarily used for production and distribution of energy for on-site use as of January 1st of the year the exemption is being sought 
  • Exemption amount equals the amount of appraised value of the property that arises from the installation or construction of the solar or wind-powered energy device
  1. Determined by using the cost of Installation or construction of the solar or wind Powered Device
  • Invoice showing Total Cost of Installation and Construction of the Solar Device (Total System Cost)
  • Photos of the Solar Device

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