“I’m thinking of buying this property”

“I’m thinking of buying this property”

When purchasing a new property in Williamson County, there’s a few things to keep in mind. We’ve provided simple and easy instructions for you to follow. Williamson Central Appraisal District has gathered a few questions that will help you during this process.

Where do I start? What information do I need for this new property?

Be prepared to have the Quick Reference ID or full property address, including city, state, and zip code to ensure that it’s in the correct county. The Quick Reference ID can be located at the top left corner of the screen after you search for the property or on the Notice of Appraise Value.

How can I verify the value of the property and get detailed information about the characteristics of the home?

Utilize the Property Search function on WCAD.org to locate detailed information such as the property values for current and prior years, breakdown of improvements, entities, exemptions, and sales history.

How can I get an estimate of property taxes for the new home?

Visit the Tax Office’s website to find what the property taxes have been for prior years at:

Note: Current Exemptions on the property may affect the taxable value and will not be transferred, etc.

For more information regarding the breakdown of your local property taxes, please visit:

What is an exemption and what does it mean?

Is the process of exempting a person from paying taxes on a specific amount or income. Exemptions can be granted by applying and providing the required supporting documents. Each exemption will have its own advantage of savings. To view the different types of exemptions, please visit WCAD.org and click on the Support Center icon.

What if I’m already claiming exemptions at my current property? Can I transfer my exemptions?

If there are current exemptions on your previous property, please be sure to request for those exemptions to be removed by contacting the previous Appraisal District. A Tax Ceiling Transfer Certificate would need to be requested for the Over 65, Disabled Veteran, or Disabled Person Exemptions to transfer those benefits to the new property. The Homestead Exemption cannot be transferred from one property owner to the next. Qualifications for the Homestead Exemption can be found by clicking on:

There are exemptions on this property, do they transfer to me?

If there are current exemptions on a property, the exemptions will stay on the property until the end of the year unless requested by the owner of the exemption to have them removed. The current exemptions on the property do not transfer from property owner to property owner. The new property owners would have to apply and submit a new exemption application requesting for their exemptions for the following year.

How long does it take to update ownership before the information is reflected on WCAD.org?

Deeds need to be filed and recorded with the Williamson County Clerk, who then notifies WCAD of these updates monthly. This process can take 4-6 weeks.

Are you prepared? What else could be needed?

We’ve provided a link where you can access a checklist of things you may have not been aware of with lots of helpful information.

The New Homeowner Checklist:

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