Mobile homes

Mobile homes

Mobile Homes 


When purchasing a mobile home, it would need to be registered with the Department of Housing & Community Affairs so a statement of ownership can be created. A statement of ownership is a legal document that verifies the owner of the property.  


Name: Texas Dept of Housing & Community Affairs  

Address: 1106 Clayton Ln Ste 270W  

                Austin TX 78701  

Phone: 800 – 500-7074  


A copy of statement of ownership document needs to be provided to WCAD so an account can be created for tax purposes. The document can be emailed to for ownership updates. Listed below is a copy of what the Statement of Ownership looks like: 




*When the property is sold, the bill of sale would need to be provided to WCAD to update tax records otherwise a tax bill will continue being generated for each taxing year. 


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