Business Personal Property

Business Personal Property

When owning a business, the tangible assets that are used to produce income are required to be rendered. Rendering is a method that is used to determine the value of a business by providing data of furniture & fixtures, equipment, machinery, raw materials, computers, and inventory held for sale or rental. Our business personal property appraiser will visit new and existing business locations to educated property owners on the process of the rendition, what can and cannot be rendered for property tax purposes, and to provide a point of contact. A tour of the facility may be requested to audit the current inventory.


To locate information including a list of the most frequently asked questions for Business Personal Property. Visit our website at and select BPP FAQ or the Support Center.


Renditions are required to be filed once a year and need to be postmarked by April 15th. There are two options available when submitting the rendition, it can be done online or by completing the paper copy. To submit the rendition online, it can be located on our homepage of under the Forms & Applications Tab and under the E-Services Tab for Personal Property Rendition Filing. An account would need to be created before accessing the rendition form to complete it online. Paper copies of the rendition Forms can be mailed to 625 FM 1460, Georgetown TX 78626.

Note: If no rendition is filed or if it’s received late, a 10% penalty will be assessed on the property tax bill.


Need to update business name, contact information, or mailing address?

This can be relayed by completing section 1 of the rendition form and listing that information specifically. 


Business sold, moved, or closed?

It’s important to notify WCAD that you have closed your business to ensure that we have updated our records so future tax bills will not be generated. Section 4 for the Rendition form will allow the business owner the ability to list the date the business was sold, moved, closed, or new location address. Supporting document should be provided when closing the business such as cancelled Sales Tax ID from the State Comptroller, Inactive SOS status from Secretary of State, DBA abandoned – Wilco Co Clerks office, Cancelled or Final Utility Bill, “Final” prior year IRS tax return, or lease termination.


Filing Extension

A filing extension can be requested in writing, the request must be submitted the day of or before April 15th allowing the rendition deadline to be May 15th. To request a rendition extension an email address can be sent to with the quick reference number listed in the subject line. The quick reference number can be located at the top left corner of the screen on the property search function or at the top right on the Notice of Appraise Value.

For questions pertaining to who can file a rendition, what should be rendered, and the deadlines? Review the checklist: Williamson Central Appraisal District | Search (


Notice of Appraise Value/Protest

Notice of Appraise Values will be sent in June-August informing business owners of the new purposed value. Business owner will have 30 days from the date of the notice to file a timely protest by completing the paper copy included with the notice.


The Quick Ref ID which is also known as a parcel number can be located at the top left corner of the Notice of Appraise Value or at the top left corner on the Property Search Function after searching for the property. All Business Personal Property Quick Ref ID will start with a P for Personal Property.




Upon submission of the protest form, a date and time for the protest hearing. The Notice of Protest Hearing will be mailed at least 15 business days before the scheduled hearing.