Austin Community College District Tax Orders for Tax Freeze and Increase in Senior/Disabled Exemptions

Austin Community College District Tax Orders for Tax Freeze and Increase in Senior/Disabled Exemptions

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Property Tax Exemptions

ACC Board Policies CAI, CAIA and CAIB govern property tax implementation. Tax Code Section 11.13, Residence Homestead, and Tax Code Section 33.06 provide statutory authorization regarding homestead exemption and the option to defer collection of taxes for senior citizens and residents with disabilities.

  • Homestead exemption:  ACC provides a $5,000 homestead exemption to all residential taxpayers (or 1% of property value, whichever is greater)
  • Exemption for seniors (65+) and homeowners with disabilities:  The College also provides a $164,000 exemption for senior taxpayers and homeowners with disabilities, for a total exemption of $169,000 for those taxpayers. This is an increase of $4,000 over last year's exemption to offset the impact of increased property appraisals and is the most generous exemption policy in the region.
  • Commercial property owners:  Commercial properties are taxed at the same rate as residential property; however, per Texas Property Tax Code, commercial properties are taxed on both real property and personal property, while residential properties are only taxed on real property.

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